CBD Duo Kit (Drops + Pain Rub)

CBD Duo Kit (Drops + Pain Rub)

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Discover natural tension relief, better pain management and more consistent sleep with a powerful assist from therapeutic-quality full spectrum CBD oil in this duo pack.

  • Powerfully reduces feelings of everyday stress, discomfort, and pain
  • Natural, fast-acting non-psychoactive formulation from natural ingredients
  • No artificial fillers or ineffective synthetic additives
  • CBD Drops - 250mg dosing of full spectrum CBD oil for maximum efficiency (8.33mg per dose)
  • CBD Pain Cream - 50mg dosing of full spectrum hemp oil extract (CBD) for maximum efficiency

Our CBD Oil contains no THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). CBD oil works naturally to relieve pain, calm the body and work as an effective tool for both relaxation and better sleep. Create a habit of self-care to overcome nervous fatigue, to balance external pressure and to soothe emotional stress. 

Our CBD Oil Drops have been carefully crafted to help you find better balance both physically and mentally. Get better and more consistent rest with this purposeful and non-psychoactive blend. Make it part of your bedtime routine to get your body into a healthy and steady pattern of restful sleep so that when the sun shines, you can too.


Take 1ml (30 drops) a day or as directed by your healthcare professional. Hold under tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Apply to pain cream to clean, dry skin and gently massage. Let cream soak in for 20 minutes and re-apply for best results.


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